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Myths about cruise

Posted: 1/5/2024

Author: Amelie de Moreau

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In this new article, we will tackle the myths and prejudices often associated with cruises. Cruises are becoming increasingly popular (the following article explains the reasons). However, you may not be convinced yet… Let me debunk some of your prejudices!

Myth 1: Cruises are for old people

This prejudice is persistent, but it's time to demolish it!

As we saw in the previous article, a cruise allows you to visit between 6 to 7 different cities in a week.

I don't know about you, but when I go on a city trip, I usually walk between 15 and 20 kilometers a day... I hope for you that you'll still be able to walk that much when you're 70 or 80 years old, but just in case, you might as well do it now, right?

Cruises offer a variety of experiences that suit all ages. From dynamic activities like water parks, surf simulators, arcade games, to shows and casinos, everyone can find something they enjoy!

Not to mention that depending on the destination, you'll have the opportunity to go kayaking, take Zodiac excursions, or even go dog sledding. Some cruise companies even sail in the most remote rivers in the world and expressly refuse elderly people!

However, it must be admitted that cruises are also particularly suitable for people with reduced mobility or motor difficulties because even while staying on the ship, you can still admire the scenery and enjoy impeccable service while meeting new people.

Finally, it's important to note that depending on the cruise line, the itinerary, and the dates, your fellow travelers may be completely different. Consider, for example, a 180-day world tour; generally, one must be retired to afford so many days off... (although, I work during all my cruises, so there's that).

Myth 2: Cruises are too expansive for me!

To this argument, I would simply respond: there are cruises for every budget. But keep in mind that if this mode of vacationing is so popular, it's not just for the wealthy!

Furthermore, calculate the cost of visiting 5 or 6 different cities... You'll quickly exceed the budget of your cruise, not to mention the advantage of not having to pack and unpack every day!

Finally, booking a cruise is not like booking a simple hotel because when the ship is fully booked, it's unfortunately impossible to find an equivalent one. I would advise you to book as early as possible! It's not uncommon to book a cruise 2 years in advance, and that's when you'll get the most attractive prices.

Myth 3: It is not environmentally friendly

This point deserves an article of its own, but I will try to summarize the key points. The data presented mostly comes from the CLIA (Cruise Line International Association), which is the international organization representing nearly 95% of cruise companies.

It is useful to distinguish between the transportation of goods (cargo ships carrying goods, like kiwis from New Zealand or cheap clothing from China) and cruise ships (which transport people). When considering the entire global maritime transportation, cruise ships represent only between
1% and 2% of the world's maritime transportation.

I firmly believe that change must be initiated by major players, as they are the ones who must lead the way. This is exactly what is happening with cruise companies. They represent the visible part of the iceberg. Unlike cargo transportation, cruise companies have the responsibility to preserve the landscapes and islands, which are the main attractions for travelers opting for a cruise. Thus, they are called upon to influence the maritime sector as a whole to evolve. Through research and the improvement of cruise ship efficiency, the transportation of goods will also be brought to evolve.

Generally, cruise ships are criticized for emitting fine particles (whether when sailing or docked) and for the pollution generated by the large number of passengers on board (waste and wastewater). Here are some figures that demonstrate the progress made:

  • By 2028, 70% of cruise ships will be connected to electrical power when docked (and will no longer emit fine particles).

  • Today, 48% of new ships are powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas), which emits no sulfur or fine particles, reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 85%, and ultimately reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20%.

  • Over 15% of future ships will be hybrid, and others opt for biofuels (biodiesel, methanol, hydrogen, and ammonia).

  • The majority of ships are equipped with LED lighting (reducing energy consumption by 80% and lasting 25 times longer than traditional lighting).

  • Ships recycle 100% of the waste produced on board (a real waste treatment plant).

  • The hulls of the ships have a special paint that is not harmful to the marine world and increases the efficiency of the ships by 5%.

  • 80% of current ships have a wastewater treatment system that allows for the recycling of 100% of wastewater.

  • Cruise lines aim for a carbon-neutral footprint by 2050!

Cruise companies are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050!

Managing food quantities on a cruise ship is simpler than in a hotel. The number of people remains fixed throughout the duration of the cruise, and supplies can be replenished at each port of call, ensuring precise provisioning. Additionally, many ships have eliminated buffets to reduce food waste. Unfortunately, these advancements are still too rare in traditional hotels.

It's also worth noting that we offer sailboat cruises that utilize wind power for 80% of the journey, providing an excellent compromise.

Ponant ship Swap2Zero: Zero-emission vessel equipped with solar panels, more information here

Hurtigruten Sea Zero: Wind and solar sails, battery without cobalt, more information here

Myth 4: Too many people on big ship, this is not for me!

The capacity of cruise ships varies from 70 guests to 7,500 passengers, offering you an immense choice!

In general, an all-inclusive hotel in Spain or Tunisia can accommodate up to 1,100 rooms (and thus nearly 3,500 people) with around 4 to 5 restaurants and 6 or 7 bars. But who really checks the capacity of a hotel before booking? Let's be honest, we rarely look at the total capacity of a hotel when making a reservation!

On the other hand, the largest cruise ship can accommodate up to 7,500 passengers but with over 20 restaurants and 40 bars...

So, in the end, clients are much better distributed on a cruise ship than in a traditional hotel because there are more public spaces and generally many more activities, allowing for better passenger flow on board.

Moreover, for skeptics of large ships, it's worth noting that there are much smaller vessels such as river cruise ships or sailboats that can accommodate between 70 and 300 passengers!

Finally, it's essential to remember that the main objective of a cruise is to explore the ports of call, and most passengers (including you) disembark during the day to explore. Thus, you will only encounter your fellow travelers in the evening when the activities offered are so diverse that you rarely feel crowded.

Norwegian Spirit: 1,972 passengers

Star Clipper: 160 passengers

MSC Euribia: 6,327 passengers

Hurtigruten: MS Santa Cruz II: 90 passengers

Myth 5: I’m afraid of getting bored on the ship

To this argument, I would simply respond: trying it is adopting it! First, It is important to know what your ideal type of vacation is. Sunbathing on the beach or exploring all day and relaxing in the evening? Whatever your vacation style, there is a cruise that will suit you! There is so much to do (or not do) on ships, ranging from water parks and surf simulators, the gym, the casino, the shows, or even the spa... It often happens that clients come back telling me that in a week, they couldn't enjoy all the activities offered by the ship because, don't forget, you will be visiting (or not, depending on your choices) the port cities! Keep in mind that the choice of the ship is very important because they don’t all offer the same level of entertainment!

Myth 6: Have you seen Titanic?

Cruising is the most controlled and safest mode of transportation in the world! At Ifyoucruise, we only work with maritime companies that are members of CLIA because they must meet numerous criteria regarding passenger safety:

  • The ships must be equipped with lifeboats that can hold a minimum of 125% of the total passengers (including customers and crew—no leaving the kitchen clerk to drown to save the passengers!)

  • Lifeboats are regularly tested, and seasoned cruisers have at least once witnessed a surprise inspection by port authorities during a stopover

  • The main advantage of a ship is that the itinerary can be changed in case of unfavorable weather conditions (avoiding cyclones and storms, unlike your hotel, which unfortunately cannot move).

  • There are many life jackets available on board (far more than the number of passengers), and an evacuation drill is mandatory before the ship sets sail.

Finally, it is important to note that ships are equipped with numerous surveillance cameras, and luggage is thoroughly inspected at the time of boarding. In general, the risk of violent crime is 95% lower on a ship than on land.

Myth 7: Oh No, I get Seasick!

It is entirely possible that you may experience seasickness. However, ships are large and equipped with stabilizers. Most of the time, you won't even feel the ship moving. There are many tips and tricks to prevent or remedy seasickness. I will refer you to a later article for that! However, keep in mind that if you think you may suffer from seasickness, there are certain ships and itineraries to avoid at all costs. We will be there to advise you.

Are you convinced yet? Contact us now: , via the following form, or by phone at 020 4576 2793.

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