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The 6 Compelling Reasons for a Family Cruise: Unlocking Unforgettable Experiences

Posted: 5/1/2024

Author: Amelie de Moreau

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This article highlights the benefits of all-inclusive cruises for an unforgettable family holiday. With the all-included package, numerous activities, various accommodation options catering to all budgets, and strict safety measures, cruises offer a stress-free vacation experience full of discoveries for the whole family. From the ease of travel to the diversity of entertainment options, including kid's club and relaxation moments for parents, a cruise promises an unforgettable family vacation.

Family cruises offer a unique opportunity to strengthen emotional bonds and create cherished memories with your children during the holidays. Enjoy a plethora of enriching activities that differ from the usual routines of the year. These shared leisure moments greatly contribute to building self-confidence in children, making them feel loved, valued, and integrated, which is essential for their psychological well-being.

Reason 1: Meaningful Vacations

Cruises offer an undeniable advantage: the opportunity to explore multiple destinations without constantly repacking your bags. If you were once a fan of road trips or city breaks but logistical or budget constraints held you back from family adventures, a cruise is the perfect solution! Depending on the itinerary, you can visit 5 or 6 different destinations in just one week. It's a fantastic experience for children to learn and broaden their horizons. I firmly believe that by knowing our planet, we are better equipped to protect it. Thus, travel plays a crucial role in our children's education, fostering open-mindedness and the discovery of new cultures. These are essential elements for their future development that we shouldn't overlook!

Moreover, a cruise offers a total immersion in cultural diversity, as you'll often be in contact with over 100 different nationalities on board. We also know how quickly children can learn new languages without fearing the language barrier! So, your children will have the opportunity to forge friendships with French, American, Spanish, Italian, Australian, Belgian and many other nationalities in the blink of an eye. Who knows, thanks to social media, they may even stay in touch for many years (we all would have loved to stay in touch with our vacation friends!).

Reason 2: Ease, Relaxation, and Simplicity!

A cruise embodies simplicity! You board the ship, and in many cases, you can bring as much luggage as you want, as companies rarely impose restrictions on the number or weight of bags. If you embark from a car-accessible terminal (think Liverpool, Dover, Southampton, London, Harwich, Newcastle, etc) you can literally bring everything you need! Once on board, let yourself be lulled by the waves and explore new horizons.

Moreover, these vacations are more relaxing than traditional ones. Children won't be disturbed by constantly changing sleeping locations, ensuring a more peaceful sleep for everyone! The buffet options allow you to eat at any time of the day or night without worrying about meal preparation. If you forget something important, you can easily find what you need in the onboard shops or at port stops.

Lastly, with all-inclusive packages, you can enjoy unlimited buffets at every meal, as well as children's menus crafted by renowned chefs! It's a unique opportunity for your children to taste new flavors in a different setting. I guarantee they'll even be tempted to devour broccoli or spinach, as chefs ingeniously present them in playful ways on the plates.

Reason 3: Two Things I love the More: Being with my kids and Not Being with my Kids

Many cruise companies offer Kids' Clubs included in your package, with procedures varying from one company to another. For example, some companies allow parents to leave their children at the club even during port stops, allowing you to explore in peace while they enjoy onboard activities. Other companies organise evening discos for children, as well as quieter nights for the younger ones with bedtime story readings in rooms equipped with beds and cushions for the children to peacefully fall asleep. You'll simply need to pick up your child and tuck them into bed.

The majority of Kids' Clubs offer programs focused on learning new technologies, raising awareness about the environment and ocean conservation, discovering natural phenomena like the Northern Lights, as well as immersing children in the cultures of the visited destinations. These clubs provide numerous opportunities for your children to learn and grow while having fun!

All these activities allow children to learn and socialise with other kids, while also giving parents the chance to reconnect and spend time together!

Moreover, the international aspect of cruises, with sometimes up to 100 different nationalities on board, provides a stimulating environment for children, fostering their adaptation and learning.

Of course, while your children enjoy the Kids' Club, you'll have the opportunity to relax and enjoy adult-only spaces to recharge, read a book, or simply reconnect with your loved ones.

Finally, you'll also have numerous opportunities to share family moments thanks to the many onboard activities and destination visits. Many companies organise family-friendly excursions, as well as fun activities like treasure hunts, cooking classes, or even laser tag or escape games. And lastly, who can resist a pool and water slides? An endless source of entertainment for kids for hours!

In the evening, you'll always have the chance to enjoy a spectacular show, often of Broadway quality, whether it's on ice, in the air, or on water!

Reason 4: Safety First

A cruise ship is one of the safest places on earth! Equipped with security cameras in all public areas and fully enclosed, you can let your children explore the ship freely without worrying about them getting lost or exposed to dangers. Moreover, no minor can disembark from the ship without being accompanied by an adult, thanks to strict access card controls (or bracelets, depending on the company).

The kids' clubs meet all safety standards, with trained staff and even childcare professionals on board. Each child wears a bracelet with an emergency number and cabin number, and depending on the companies, children can only leave the Kids' Club freely under certain conditions established by parents.

Reason 5: Value for Money

Most activities offered on board are included in your base package.

If you compare the cost of these activities to what you would spend on land for the same experiences, the difference is clear! Just look at the entrance fees for a water park, a zip line, an ice skating session, or even just the price of a show! Opting for a family cruise offers you a unique opportunity to effectively manage your vacation budget.

Moreover, cruise ships offer a variety of cabin types suited to every budget! Whether you opt for an interior cabin if your budget is tighter, or for a suite if you prefer more comfort, there will always be a cruise that matches your financial means!

Reason 6: There is Always Something to Do

As mentioned several times in this article, boredom is simply impossible on a cruise ship! Children will find plenty to do among the many activities offered by the Kids’ Club or through various onboard entertainment options. Sensational water parks, zip lines, basketball and soccer courts, immersive experiences, ice skating, and more. Some companies even offer drone schools, scientific experiments, and huge arcade game rooms. For teenagers, dedicated spaces allow them to have fun away from the gaze of parents with video games and foosball.

Even on the smallest ships, a multitude of child-friendly activities are available, including water platforms offering kayaking, paddle, or snorkeling!

In summary, whether together as a family or separately, everyone will find activities to have fun, relax, and come back with unforgettable memories!

Important Points to Mention

Child acceptance policy: It's essential to note that not all cruise lines accept children, and even if they do, not all of them offer Kids' Clubs. Additionally, many companies have strict rules regarding diapered children's access to pools, requiring vigilance depending on your children's ages.

Cabin considerations: While many cruise companies offer cabins that can accommodate up to 5 or 6 people, their numbers are often limited on board. Therefore, if you have a large family, it's recommended to book your cruise early. If you opt for two cabins (connecting or not), I advise against cabins with balconies if you plan to leave your children alone in the cabin unsupervised. Although balconies meet safety standards, it's always best to take extra precautions!

Expert Assistance is Essential

Planning family vacations can be a daunting task: sticking to a budget, accommodating everyone's desires, preparing numerous bags... Why not entrust the organization of your next cruise to an expert who travels with three children themselves? As a former teacher and proud stepmother of three children, I am delighted to share my experience of family cruises to help you choose the company, the itinerary, the cabins, and much more.

For me, providing your family with an unforgettable experience is essential. Family vacations create precious memories that last a lifetime, far beyond material possessions. Let's make your next cruise a memorable moment for you and your loved ones!

So, what are you waiting for? Book now! Contact me via the form, or by phone at 020 4576 2793, or by email: and let me guide you towards an unforgettable adventure with your family!

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