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Where and When to go?

Posted: 4/15/2024

Author: Amelie de Moreau

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Taking a cruise is a dream for many, but choosing the perfect destination can be tricky. How do you turn your cruise into a dream cruise? Whether you want to explore the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Asia, or the fjords, the Nile, or even embark on a world tour, this article will guide you through the best times of the year to depart, avoiding mass tourism and benefiting from optimal weather conditions. Plus, discover lesser-known but equally extraordinary destinations!

Our first point covers destinations where you can travel all year round, including the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa. I will also reveal some hidden gems away from the tourist crowds, such as the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific Islands, and even the Azores.

Our second point is entirely dedicated to Norway, as it offers year-round access and stunning landscapes that vary with the seasons.

Finally, I will guide you through destinations to consider if you're seeking warmth during our harsh winters or if you're looking to escape the heat of our summers.

If you've read our article and you're eager to embark on a cruise, or if you seek to benefit from my advice, as a travel agent and former geography teacher, I pay special attention to climates and the various bioclimatic regions of the world. I use my knowledge to advise you on the best destinations. In this article, I'll explain how to turn your cruise into a dream cruise. Whether it's to enjoy ideal weather conditions, avoid mass tourism, discover paradise destinations, or simply prevent seasickness, follow me to discover the best times of the year to go on a cruise!

1. Year-round Recommended Destinations

A Mediterranean Cruise

The Mediterranean Sea offers hot and dry summers, with temperatures often exceeding 30 degrees. Winters are mild and humid, with temperatures generally ranging between 10 and 15 degrees. Opting for a Mediterranean cruise during the winter allows you to avoid the summer heat and the crowds at tourist sites. However, during winter, although you'll escape mass tourism, it's unlikely that you'll be able to perfect your tan on the ship's upper deck. Ideal times for a Mediterranean cruise are often autumn and spring when the heat isn't too intense, and rainy episodes are less frequent. Moreover, it's not yet peak tourist season, providing a more peaceful and authentic experience while avoiding mass tourism. Mediterranean cruises offer a variety of landscapes and visits to many cities, each more interesting than the last, making it a dream cruise for culture, gastronomy, and crystal-clear water enthusiasts.

The Mediterranean Sea is formed by three different navigable seas: the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Aegean Sea. Thanks to its strategic geographical position, it is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Adriatic Sea is renowned for its golden sandy beaches, secluded coves bordered by steep cliffs, and picturesque towns such as Dubrovnik, Split, and Venice. The islands of the Aegean Sea, the cradle of the Greek islands, offer an immersion into the origins of our civilization, housing UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Ephesus, Patmos, Rhodes, as well as the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. Lastly, the Ionian Sea offers you the opportunity to discover treasures such as Corfu, Paxos, and a multitude of charming small islands. Underwater caves, white sandy beaches, and impressive cliffs make this landscape a paradise for postcard enthusiasts.

A Caribbean Cruise

The Caribbean is distinguished by a tropical climate, offering warm temperatures year-round, typically between 25 and 30 degrees, accompanied by significant humidity reaching up to 70% in some cases. However, the region also experiences two distinct seasons: a dry season and a wet season. The Caribbean is described as a dream cruise to paradise destinations!

The dry season extends from November to April and is characterized by minimal precipitation and reduced humidity. In contrast, the rainy season, from April to November, experiences more abundant rainfall, although typically of short duration (from a few minutes to a few hours at most). These warm rains are not necessarily unpleasant and help maintain the lush vegetation of the Caribbean.

During the rainy season, the region is also more prone to hurricanes, with peak activity between August and October. However, thanks to the flexibility of cruises, ships can easily adjust their itinerary to avoid these major storms, ensuring a smooth and safe journey.

The Caribbean, the ultimate paradise destination, offers an unforgettable experience with its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and exotic islands. Stops at picturesque ports allow you to discover the vibrant culture of the region, indulge in delicious local cuisine, and partake in a multitude of activities such as snorkeling, jungle hiking, and exploring historical sites. It's an unforgettable tropical adventure for travelers of all ages.

A cruise in the Caribbean is an all-inclusive experience: a paradise destination, archaeological sites, visits to cities and villages! Everyone will find something to enjoy there.

A Cruise in Asia

Asia offers a multitude of possibilities and a warm and humid climate year-round. These cruises will allow you to discover countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. However, climates can vary depending on the region and the time of year.

South and Southeast Asia include countries such as India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand. These countries offer a diverse range of landscapes and a fascinating cultural richness inherited from their ancient traditions. A cruise in these regions will allow you to relax on white sandy beaches while exploring temples, shrines, and pagodas, not to mention savoring exquisite cuisine.

Finally, you'll be immersed in the buzz of lively cities! A cruise in these regions is often a dream cruise: beaches, breathtaking landscapes, cultural sites, and bustling cities!

The climate in these regions is tropical, with temperatures averaging around 25 degrees year-round and humidity close to 50%. There are distinct dry and rainy seasons. The dry season extends from October to May, while the rainy season, known as the monsoon season, typically starts around June and lasts until September. Although essential for agriculture and water supply, the monsoon season is characterized by heavy rains, which can also lead to floods and landslides. Additionally, tropical cyclones can form during this period. However, as mentioned before, the undeniable advantage of a cruise, as opposed to land-based vacations, is that the captain can easily adjust the itinerary to avoid cyclones.

East Asia encompasses countries such as Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. These countries are characterized by diverse landscapes, rich cultural and historical heritage, and a great cultural diversity.

Fans of manga, video games, and cosplay will undoubtedly be delighted, but those who appreciate cultural richness and discovery will also find plenty to enjoy. A cruise in these regions is an opportunity to visit iconic cities such as Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Seoul, but it's also a chance to immerse yourself in a culture steeped in unique traditional concepts.

These regions experience hot and humid summers and mild winters. The northernmost regions can be very cold during winter, and it's not uncommon to see snow! In more southern regions, the climate remains warm year-round, with a rainy season (from May to October) and a dry season for the rest of the year. During the rainy season, typhoons may occur, but your captain will undoubtedly avoid them.

A cruise in Africa, safari cruises, the Nile, and mainland cities

Although surrounded by seas, the African continent does not boast an abundance of rivers. The main waterways include the Nile, the Congo, the Niger, and the Zambezi. Unfortunately, due to persistent political unrest in some African regions and a lack of port facilities, cruises in Africa are less common. However, a few itineraries offer the opportunity to discover the authenticity of cities, local cultures, as well as safaris, birdwatching, or even shark sightings.

The climate varies by region: the North characterized by a desert climate, hot and dry year-round, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees in summer. The South, on the other hand, enjoys a tropical to Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild and humid winters. Don't forget that the continent is located in the southern hemisphere, which reverses the seasons compared to those in the northern hemisphere.

The North of Africa and the Azores: Many cruises depart from Southern Europe to reach the North of Africa and visit the stunning Azores islands (Portuguese islands located in the Atlantic Ocean). These cruises offer breathtaking landscapes, fantastic hikes in the volcanic islands of the Azores, with some relaxation in Cape Verde.

Finally, these islands, located at the crossroads of African, Portuguese, and Mediterranean cultures, offer a fascinating blend of culture.

The Azores anticyclone, well-known from our weather forecasts, is an area of high atmospheric pressure that brings both heatwaves and precipitation. The climate there is therefore very variable, and navigation is not always easy. If you're prone to seasickness, this may not be the ideal destination.

Southern Africa departing from Cape Town (South Africa): These cruise itineraries will give you the opportunity to visit Madagascar, Mauritius, the Seychelles, and sail along the coast to visit cities such as Durban, Richards Bay, or Mossel Bay (South Africa), or even Luderitz (Namibia). You can go admire Victoria Falls or go on a safari in large national parks. Generally, the stops are relatively long, with even overnight stays, allowing you the necessary time to enjoy the cities or go on longer safaris. These cruises will offer you a total immersion in African culture and the discovery of sumptuous landscapes, not to mention encounters with the kings of the savannah. A destination like no other, the journey of a lifetime!

Do you know about safari-cruises? It's the perfect combination of cruising and safari, offering you a few days of navigation, some days of relaxation in a lodge in a national park, and the discovery of several iconic cities. The few days of navigation along the Chobe River will allow you to observe animals in their natural habitats, especially as they come to quench their thirst. You'll also get to encounter animals living near rivers, such as hippos and crocodiles. Then, you'll enjoy a few days of safari in one of the national parks to observe animals up close. Finally, your journey will conclude with visits to iconic cities like Pretoria, Cape Town, or Johannesburg.

A cruise on the Nile, the river of Egypt, is navigable throughout the year. However, it can get hot, even very hot, during the summer, with temperatures reaching around 40 degrees and little wind.

Generally, I advise my clients to take a Nile cruise during the winter, spring, and autumn to enjoy ideal weather conditions. A cruise on the Nile is a dream for many people and, for me, the only and unique way to discover the land of the pharaohs! The famous sites are indeed very far apart geographically, making it impossible to reach them by car, and taking a plane is a real waste of time with all the formalities to be completed at airports. So why not travel the same river as the pharaohs? You'll discover the ancient treasures of the pharaohs, majestic temples, and a fascinating history while admiring breathtaking landscapes!

Other less popular paradise destinations:

The Galápagos Islands offer fascinating volcanic landscapes and unique fauna, including giant tortoises, marine iguanas, penguins, blue-footed boobies, and much more.

The idyllic beaches and varied ecosystems, ranging from dry forests to coastal wetlands, provide exceptional opportunities for observing marine life and relaxation.

In short, the Galápagos are a true paradise for nature lovers and ecotourism enthusiasts.

The Pacific Islands, including Tahiti and the Society Islands, Bora Bora, Fiji, Hawaii, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, and the Cook Islands, are situated in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and South America. These paradise destinations offer a tropical climate, with warm temperatures ranging between 25 and 30 degrees throughout the year. The region experiences a dry season from May to November, as well as a rainy season from December to April.

During the rainy season, tropical cyclones may occur, but boat captains are accustomed to adjusting their itinerary to avoid these storms. The Pacific Islands are renowned for their white sandy beaches, lush vegetation, and often endemic fauna found nowhere else. The breathtaking landscapes make these islands dream destinations for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation.

2. The Norwegian Fjords: A Different Landscape Every Season!

Some companies offer cruises in the Norwegian fjords throughout the year, providing a variety of landscapes to explore. It's clearly a destination where you can return time and time again at different times of the year without ever feeling like you're seeing the same thing!

In winter, Norway offers spectacular landscapes with snow-covered fjords, majestic mountains, enchanting fir forests, and picturesque coastal villages. In the northern part of Norway, from October to March, you'll have the opportunity to admire the Northern Lights. To do this, you'll need to navigate the regions of Tromsø and the Lofoten Islands. Navigation in these waters can be challenging in winter, and even the most experienced captains are not immune to storms. If you're prone to seasickness, this destination may not be the most suitable. However, if your dream is to see the Northern Lights, know that there are medications and techniques that can help you! Feel free to contact me. Overall, the climate will be cold, even very cold! You'll need to dress properly to cope with this polar cold! Also, remember that the days will be very short because the sun rises around 10 am and sets around 3 pm.

In summer, Norway offers breathtaking landscapes and a mild climate. You can admire spectacular rock walls, majestic waterfalls, and picturesque villages along the shores.

The temperatures are pleasant, ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking.

The long sunny days will allow you to fully enjoy this unforgettable experience in the heart of Norwegian nature.

In autumn and spring, cruises in the Norwegian fjords offer enchanting landscapes with vibrant colors and changing weather conditions, from sunny days to sudden showers. Temperatures can be cool, especially at the beginning and end of the season. You can enjoy the tranquility of the preserved landscapes and observe nature in peace. These seasons offer a quieter and more peaceful experience, away from mass tourism, ideal for discovering the natural beauty of Norway in all its splendor outside the summer tourist season.

3. A Sunny Escape During Our Harsh Winters

In addition to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or Asia, there are other regions of the globe where cruise ships only visit during the winter. This is because these regions are often too hot during the summer or the seas are too rough.

The Middle East offers a warm desert climate, ideal for escaping the winter. With temperatures ranging between 20 and 30 degrees during winter, little wind, and very little rainfall, it's the perfect destination to warm up during the winter. The Middle East has many advantages: minimal time zone difference and relatively short flights. Thus, the Middle East makes for an ideal getaway to return all bronzed in the middle of February.

In addition to iconic cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha, you'll have the opportunity to visit fascinating cultural sites, such as mosques and historic old town centers. Furthermore, you can enjoy a desert escape or go on a safari to encounter giraffes, gazelles, hyenas, cheetahs, and many more on Sir Bani Yas Island.

Central and South America: This region is located in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons are reversed compared to ours. Equatorial regions, therefore close to the equator, have a hot and humid climate throughout the year. Regions near the coasts have a slightly windier climate with nights that can be cool. You'll have the opportunity to visit exceptional archaeological sites such as Machu Picchu or wander the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Nature enthusiasts can explore the Amazon rainforest, the deserts of northern Chile, tropical white sand beaches, or the glaciers of Patagonia. A blend of culture and nature, the perfect combination for an unforgettable cruise!

4. Where to Go for Some Coolness During Our Summer?

If you're someone who can't stand the heat anymore, you're not alone. More and more travelers are opting for a cooler climate during our summer. If you want to escape the intense heat, you'll need to head to northern Europe where the summer is cooler, or to the southern hemisphere like Africa (see my point above). Northern Europe is full of surprising destinations both for the beauty of the landscapes and the cultural richness.

Iceland, a volcanic island located in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Norway and east of Greenland. An island of ice and volcanoes, you'll admire volcanic landscapes worthy of the most beautiful television series.

During the summer, the climate varies between 10 and 15 degrees with very long days (24 hours of sunlight). The climate remains unstable with frequent showers and rapid temperature fluctuations.

You'll have the opportunity to bathe in hot water springs, walk on black sand beaches, admire stunning waterfalls, and meet local communities. A destination for nature lovers par excellence, you can also encounter whales, seals, or even Arctic foxes.

Finally, remember that these magnificent views are only accessible from a ship!

The United Kingdom and the British Isles.

Are you a nature lover, fond of steep cliffs, and also interested in history?

Then this destination is perfect for you! The various ports of call will allow you to visit cities with a rich historical past, as well as to explore numerous castles and fortresses. Some itineraries will even let you wave hello to Big Ben.

Scotland will also allow you to visit historic cities like Edinburgh with its iconic castle and charming cobbled streets. You can also explore remote villages and secluded beaches.

Whether you're looking to explore bustling cities, discover castles, hike in national parks, or simply enjoy the natural beauty, this destination will captivate you with its diversity of experiences!

The Baltic Sea is a destination that's a bit less known and frequented but deserves a paragraph of its own.

The climate during the summer is very pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 15 and 20 degrees and minimal precipitation. However, the weather can be variable, with some cooler and rainy days, even in the summer.

This cruise will allow you to explore cities like Kiel, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Tallinn.

This destination primarily appeals to enthusiasts of contemporary architecture, art, and museums. The Baltic Sea boasts a wide variety of cities and landscapes, with ports of call often situated very close to city centers.

You'll also discover a unique way of life and understand why this region is home to some of the happiest people in the world! It offers a culture that's both familiar and different from our own, providing an enriching and inspiring experience.

So, When do we Leave?

As you've seen, cruises offer a unique opportunity to explore the world from a different perspective! With a multitude of destinations to choose from, each offering a variety of landscapes, cultures, and historical sites to explore, it's practically impossible not to find a cruise that matches your desires. However, choosing the right itinerary and company to suit your preferences can be a challenge.

That's why I've chosen to specialise exclusively in cruise travel. The world of cruises is so vast and complex that it's impossible for me to focus on other types of travel. With my experience and knowledge of climates, companies, and itineraries, I'm here to guide you and help you choose the perfect destination for your next sea adventure! Don't hesitate to contact us at 020 4576 2793, by email at , or through our form to start planning your dream trip!

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